The city of Castelo Branco 

The origins of Castelo Branco go back to many centuries ago.

Several archaeological artefacts were found confirming the presence of the Romans in the region. The architecture of the “Medieval City”, one of the richest in the country, also confirms the presence of the Templars in the city.

The city centre and the Jardim do Paço (Bishop’s Garden), are some of the most interesting places to visit in a city that combines modern trends with a rich historical and cultural past.






Through the centuries the city has grown and today Castelo Branco is capital of the district. In 2007, Castelo Branco was considered one of the best cities to live in Portugal and the 7th best city to live in Europe, due to its excellent quality of life.

Concerning economic activity, there has been an enormous growth of all industrial activities and services, which confirms Castelo Branco’s historic role as the capital of inland Portugal.

The city is served by many ways and means of transportation (train/bus/car), which allows the modernisation of the city and provides jobs in many areas.

Castelo Branco is a city turned to the future. The city pretends to adjust to the European context level, with strong bets in youth, which is the main population of the city. To do so, it’s necessary to provide young people, not only with many and varied equipments to the practice of sports, but also with professional education and access to education.



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