Students who wish to spend a period of mobility in IPCB should inform, in advance, the International Relations Office. The IPCB only accepts official nominations. That means that the Incoming students have to be nominated by their home institution by email

Once in Castelo Branco, students should contact the International Relations Office.

The realization of a period of mobility in IPCB of a student from a European higher education requires the existence of a bilateral agreement between the two institutions and the establishment of an individual learning or training agreement which defines the course units the student will attend during the period of mobility in IPCB.


Deadline for the application

For the Autumn term: From March 15 to May 13  
For the Spring term: From October 15 to November 10


Academic Calendar 2024/25

Autumn semester: mid-September 2024,  Summer semester: mid-February , 2025




How to get a Visa

All foreign students, except for the European Union Students, need a permit to stay in Portugal. Once in Castelo Branco. students should contact the Foreign People and Borders Office in order to inform about the period of studies in the IPCB and make all the registration procedures. This registration applies to all students staying in Portugal for more than 3 months.

You may find the nearest Portuguese Consulate/Embassy to you at Consulate/Embassy Portal

Information on how to study in Portugal is available at EPortugal