How to get to Castelo Branco

All foreign students, except students from the European Union, need a permit to stay in Portugal. Once in Castelo Branco,  the students  should contact the Foreign People and Borders Office ( in order to inform it about the study period in the IPCB and go through all registration procedures. This registration applies to all students staying in Portugal for over 3 months and they need to bring with them an identification document, photos, proof of registration at IPCB, proof that they can support themself financially during the study period abroad and a health insurance document.

The travel

From Spain or even France you can came by car, bus or by train. If you travel to Portugal by international bus or train: international trains run daily between Paris and Lisbon (Sud Express), crossing the border at Vilar Formoso. The nearest international train or bus stop is Guarda. To cover the last 80 km and reach Castelo Branco it is recommended to take a bus.

From other country, the better way to get to Castelo Branco is by plane to Lisbon or Porto international airports. We recommend Lisbon, since  the connection to Castelo Branco is easier from Lisbon.

Once in Portugal – How to get to Castelo Branco?

By train

To reach Castelo Branco by train please check timetables at Comboios de Portugal. Inter-City train (Intercidades) is the best choice; the other trains are not as comfortable or fast. In Lisbon, it is recommended to take the train at the Oriente Station (it is closer to the airport and by subway it is the last station of the red line).

By bus

To reach Castelo Branco by bus please check timetables at Rede Expressos

All the main transportation companies have regular bus to Castelo Branco.

In Lisbon the bus terminal is located in Sete Rios and the nearest subway station is “Jardim Zoológico”.

It takes about three hours to reach Castelo Branco by Inter-City train or bus and both companies accept the Euro<26 card.