All incoming exchange students should be officially nominated by the Home University. Please note that we will not accept students who are not nominated by their universities.

Step 1:

Nominations are done by the home university via email and should include obligatory the following information:

  • Student's full name
  • Student's e-mail address (ATTENTION: they must indicate the same email during the entire mobility)
  • Area Code / Field of student´s study  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Studies or traineeship modality
  • Home institution name:
  • Semester / Duration of exchange

Step 2:

Once we have processed nominations, the student(s) will be contacted by IPCB to provide them all the instructions necessary for their registration and to request the necessary documentation for their prospective acceptance

The students must do a registration into the IPCB MobilidadeNet Portal to submit their online application form.

This should be done by the student within 5 days after the reception of the nomination acceptance email.

NOTE: The Learning Agreement is mandatory. Students will be required to submit their LA proposal via our Portal no later than the application deadline.

Your student can consult our courses / educational offer  on our portal  

Don´t forget that a visa is compulsory for non-EU citizens.